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My Family

My Family
From the left - sister Mary, brother Scott, me, Dad, Mom, brother Mark, sister Beth

My Parents with Grandkids

My Parents with 8 of their 9 grandchildren - Noah & Jocelyn kneeling on the left

Dad's 80th Birthday

On July 1, 2008 my dad, Dr. Harold (Bud) Imbus celebrated his 80th birthday. He is pictured with my sister Beth at a party she and her husband Mike hosted. My dad was a pioneer in occupational medicine.

Village Brood

Visit to a small fishing village on Lake Victoria while in Tanzania. While walking through the village children came from everywhere to see us and hold our hands. Above is my "brood". We brought school supplies, toys, and cash donations for the school.

Giraffe drinking

A rare photo of a giraffe drinking. Giraffes drink quickly as this position makes them vulnerable to predators

Maasai people

A family of the Maasai people, who live in Northern Tanzania and Southern Kenya. They are very dedicated to their families and tend to have many children. Adorned in traditional dress as photographed, the Maasai for the most part shun modern lifestyles and cling tenaciously to their culture and customs.

Elephant in Haranguer National Park

A majestic elephant strolling through the Haranguer National Park. All wildlife is protected within the national parks, however the park boundaries are not fenced, allowing animals to stray in and out of the parks. Unfortunately poaching is still a problem for these beautiful animals.

Zebras in Serengeti National Park

Numerous zebra grazing in the Serengeti National Park. Note how the ground is burnt in the background. Officials burn 25% of the park each year to allow new fauna to grow easier.