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October, 2010 - Phoenix Classic to be Discontinued

Alas, all good things come to an end.

With the success of the EV30T, Phoenix 6.0, and now the new Phoenix 6.0BT, sales of the Phoenix Classic have dropped to almost nothing.

First introduced in 1997, it was a significant advance over the PBA3000, especially when EasyMode software was added a few years later. It has been and and still is a workhorse over these years, but the technology has changed significantly with the new products.

For these reasons, Lifeloc Technologies has decided to end production of the Phoenix Classic at the end of this year.

Not to worry Phoenix Classic owners, Lifeloc will support the unit at least until the end of 2015.

If you are considering upgrading to the Phoenix 6.0 or Phoenix 6.0BT, we do offer a trade discount in for your Phoenix Classic and printer.

Contact Safety & Health Connections, LLC for special trade in offer for your Phoenix Classic towards purchase of an EV30T, Phoenix 6.0 or Phoenix 6.0BT

June, 2010 - Safety & Health Connections, LLC named top Lifeloc Distributor for 2009

I am honored to receive the Top Distributor Award for the eighth consecutive year from Lifeloc Technologies at the June 2010 meeting in Denver. I also received Top Unit Sales Award for selling the most units nationwide.

Lifeloc deserves much of the credit for their design of their products and impeccable customer support. I also thank my clients for their patronage, these awards would not have been possible without you.

June, 2010 - Safety & Health Connections by Tom Imbus is now Safety & Health Connections, LLC

On June 11, 2010 my company officially became Safety & Health Connections, LLC. Everything else is the same for products and services, but this will mean a change for your accounting departments. Safety & Health Connections, LLC has a new Federal Tax ID number and your accounting department likely will need a new W-9 form. Please have your accounting department contact me or call and I be glad to get this information to them.

New PermAffix Labels Are Available

As a result of a problem with the PermAffix labels not always adhering to the employer copy of the Alcohol Testing Form, Lifeloc has introduced a new PermAffix label which is now available. The new label features a better adhesive and also has scores on each corner to prevent removal. The new labels are sold in a single roll of 170 labels or a 4 pack. As there are 20 less labels per roll compared to the previous labels, the price has been reduced accordingly.

Lifeloc Technologies Introduces New EV30T with Thermal Printer

Lifeloc Technologies is pleased to introduce the EV30T, a new addition to their powerful line of Workplace Breath Alcohol Testing Systems.

The EV30T solution consists of Lifeloc's field proven EV30 breath alcohol testing instrument teamed with a compact, rugged and reliable thermal printer and their new "Thermalast" thermal paper. This solution marks a significant step forward in breath testing ease of use, ergonomics, speed and image quality. No longer does workplace breath testing have to be tied to multi-part impact printed forms, their inconsistent print quality, slowness and the associated noise pollution of antiquated impact printing.

Making this advance possible is Lifeloc's new "Thermalast" thermal imaging paper, laboratory tested to maintain image quality up to 7 years in normal office conditions….up to 2 years longer than required by DOT regulations for positive results. "Thermalast" is coated on the front and the back for image sharpness and durability. Unlike the inexpensive receipt and fax paper "Thermalast" will not fade or darken when stored or exposed to long term office conditions.

As this printer is much smaller, the EV30T kit now comes in the same compact professional carry case used for the Phoenix 6.0 Kit.

The "Thermalast" print solution is available for first time users and as an upgrade to existing EV30 customers. The kit includes everything a DOT or non-DOT mandated business requires to perform in the workplace alcohol testing.