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Noble Split-Specimen Rapid Drug Screen Kit

Noble Split Specimen Collection Cup
Configuration Price
5 Panel Specimen Cup $ 150.00
5 Panel Specimen Cup with Adulteration Strip $ 161.25
6 Panel Specimen Cup with Adulteration Strip $ 177.00
10 Panel Specimen Cup $ 177.00
10 Panel Specimen Cup with Adulteration Strip $ 177.00
Pricing is per case quantity. 25 kits per case. Min order is one case. Shipping not included. Sales Tax applies to NC customers.
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Tired of dipping little cards into urine containers, squeezing pipettes of urine onto cassettes, etc.? With the Noble Cup all those headaches are gone!

Simply remove the top with included "key" and give the kit to the donor. Once the specimen is provided, screw on the top, seal with provided tamper tape and you have zero urine exposure. Built in temperature strip ensures proper temperature of specimen.

The collector inserts the "key" into the chamber (collector activated sampling )and a small amount of urine is released onto the dip card. This chamber is automatically sealed thus protecting the integrity of the remaining urine in the cup in the event of outside GC/MS confirmation.

Note: Some rapid cups are donor activated, meaning the donor can put clean urine into the cup to activate the strip. This would allow them to potentially put clean urine into the cup to get a negative reading, then add their urine to get to temperature. The Noble Cup is collector activated, meaning the collector inserts the key to start the analysis, not the donor .

Read the results within five minutes and even photocopy the results from the flat display if desired.

If non-negative, simply send to the lab with a chain of custody. Laboratory and MRO services for non-negative confirmation are available if desired.

  • Competitive Price
  • Screw on Top
  • Wide Mouth for Easy Use
  • Key Installed on Top of Each Kit Removed for Activation
  • Easy to Use - Read Results in Five Minutes
  • 18 Month Shelf Life
  • No Urine Exposure for the Collector
  • Collector Activated Sampling
  • Flat Display Allows Photocopying of Results
  • Automatic Split Sample is Ready to Send to Lab for Confirmation of Non-Negatives
  • Send Non-Negatives to Your Lab or Lab Services Available
  • Temperature Strip Built In
  • Noble Cup Available In 5 and 10 Panel Configurations
  • 4 Options for 5 Panel Configurations
  • 4 Options for 10 Panel Configurations
  • FDA Approved