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About Us

Safety & Health Connections, LLC serves clientele in workplace drug and alcohol programs. I work with clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and other organizations who provide drug and alcohol testing for clients. I also work with trucking companies, airlines, manufacturing, distribution, and other businesses who conduct drug and/or alcohol testing in house. My goal is to provide the needed equipment, training, and on going support for workplace drug and alcohol programs.

Safety & Health Connections, LLC offers a variety of services and products to help employers achieve this goal in a cost effective manner. Please visit Products and Services for detailed information

Safety & Health Connections, LLC owned and operated by Tom Imbus. With eighteen years of experience in occupational health services to clinics, hospitals, industry, transportation, rehabilitation, and other employers, I have trained thousands of Breath Alcohol Technicians and Drug Screen Collectors.

When not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife Linda, and our children Noah, 11 years, and Jocelyn, 9 years. I also enjoy travel, flying, boating, water skiing, and reading. Photos